Din Cinema by Din Ra
released August 24th, 2021

1. the world is going to end

2. alone with you

3. designer princess din


5.idol (interlude)


7.cheek (interlude)


8.live, on earth


"Din Ra is a princess from a secret cinematic universe. She is the extroverted twin of Ramona, a vocalist and composer from New York City. The album Din Cinema is a collection of cinematic interiors for listeners to step inside of; if Din Cinema is the house, its songs are its rooms built from sampled improvisations, tactile synth textures, and sweeping vocals. Simple lyrical stories swirl through dense soundscapes delivered not so simply. For the album Ramona has built “furniture,” little pieces of the Din Cinema dream world in acrylic paint and PVC, paper, and ink. Ramona and Princess Din have assembled an album that whisks you in and then completely swallows you and it feels great.""