Indecision Songs - Cal Fish

released 05/31/24

Since its seeds in Winter 2022 Indecision Songs have been performed through
laughter, tears, dance, play, and dirt to many dancing and dreaming crowds
and friends throughout its formation.
The album comes like a dream littered with sentimental memories placeable and unplaceable.
Nickelodeon and Disney classics, songs by Slowdive, Yellowcard, Hillary Duff,
and soundtracks from Spyro the Dragon and Zelda are all woven in.
A experimental dream pop soundtrack for dancing sleeping dreaming...

Released in an edition of 300 recycled purple vinyl records, CDs, and tapes/

email us at to order a record or CD


Hell's a Place on Earth - Itchy Kisses

released 04/14/24

Hell's a Place on Earth is the 4th solo album by Itchy Kisses.
Journalistic fuzzed grit pop bubbles and pounces on moments tender and dizzy.
A digital version of Itchy's album zine is available with download and stream on the album's OOPS SITE

Released in an edition of 50 translucent pink tapes and 25 CDs in sewn sleeves

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Animation/video for Hit The Quan by Bug Lung & Itchy Kisses

Stars in 2 ur <3 - hi im home

released 07/20/23

A first single bop to foreshadow hi im home's debut album on Call Waitn.
Wholesomecore has arrived! Brooklyn's Griffin Rose has layed it down.
"true love transcends, past what is seen heard or told.
it's a feeling. the stars know the soul and the soul always knows..."

This song is a charm to be worn on your wrist.
Let it bring you closure for gaps that words can no longer bridge or traverse.
Mixing tears with dance is the Call Waitn way.

Din's Nature - Din Ra

released 04/14/23

A dense accumulation of layers of repetition and forgetting, Din's Nature is the first of two horizontally composed EPs. Initiated by a line of text, generated from cascading strata of improvisation and sampled improvisations, to be then refined, according to what it 'feels like'. Din's Nature stretches and gets lost in a chorus in the middle, gathering elements into itself; sedimentary music, to listen to while stuck on Earth.

True Colors - The Cradle

released 04/25/23

"True Colors" by the Cradle, out April 25th 2023 on limited cassette.
Join us at Living Gallery on that date for the release show.

Fawn - Age Again

released 04/20/23

"Fawn" by Philadelphia based solo project Age Again is a continuous EP of electronic sounds sensitive and swirling. Electronic psych melodies and sensory sheets abstract as they are pop. Enjoy this mood board slideshow Released on 1st edition of 40 clear tapes, full EP on each side and QR code to custom coded website with downloads, streaming, and mood board. sweet sonic capsule rockaby baby prowling, take a walk, stroll a stroll, deep down following a sound, email us at or visit our bandcamp for more info or tape purchase <3

Ponce De Leon - The Cradle

released 04/14/23

The first single and music video from the album "True Colors" by the Cradle, out April 25th 2023 on limited cassette.
Join us at Living Gallery on that date for the release show.
extra vox by Brigid Slattery
Juan Ponce de Leon was a quintessential Spanish "conquistador"- anti-humanitarian, a zealous Catholic hypocrite, a ravager of peoples, lands, and cultures. Early 1500s Christian Iberia was a place cobbled together through decades of ruthless power struggle and violence, and Ponce de Leon came out of that brutal world as a kind of apotheosis of the transference happening then of this caustic, anti-human energy westward, towards the exploitation of the "new world" and the people there- exploitation deemed necessary to fund further violence and power struggle among the monarchs of Europe. Ponce de Leon was the first "governor" of Puerto Rico, and was the first European to mount expeditions to Florida, where he was finally killed by the native Calusa people. Naturally, Ponce de Leon is a common street name throughout the Southern United States- in Atlanta, it is a major thoroughfare- Ponce is the name of a city in Puerto Rico. Should we be surprised that Americans today still live their lives on streets named for this evil man? Did Ponce de Leon not live the original "American Dream"- the dream of power- of exploitation, domination, rape, enslavement, and murder? "Ponce de Leon I'm walking in Atlanta Run your fuckin' gold the Southern sky is blinking down at us error after error Ponce de Leon pain buried like lost treasure Now lead me to the gold" Ponce de Leon I'm walking in New Orleans Run your fuckin' gold the Southern sky is blinking down at us error after error Ponce de Leon trauma buried like lost treasure. Now lead me to the gold" Ponce de Leon I'm walking in Atlanta Run your fuckin' gold the Southern sky is remembering violence! error after error Ponce de Leon they're gonna name shit after me now lead me to the gold" email us at or visit our bandcamp for more info or to purchase a tape<3

Green in Grey - Saturn Lavender

released 02/08/23
Green in Grey is the first album release by Xander Louvre known as Saturn Lavender. This album is a reflection of nostalgia of past experiences in Chicago & now the cemeteries in New York City. With a new perspective on gloominess experienced living in Chicago, the feeling has turned from sadness to an appreciation of the grey skies shedding light on nature & the vibrations that come with it. Moss, grass, & the feeling of solitude grow & radiate when experienced in the cemeteries of NYC to a point where the sounds & auras of the people once living come blooming through the ground. An experience of harsh & melodic sounds rumbling in the dirt bursts a feeling that can be felt anywhere; Green in Grey is an ode to the ancestors who have passed & are now being guided by sound & light. An album dedicated to the many dark nights of the soul reminding you that even in the dark times there is a light that will guide you out from the trenches. Call Waitn is extremely excited to release this album in an edition of 50 transparent green tapes. This was also the first album recorded and dubbed in the Call Waitn HQ studio at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn NY <3 Download comes with access to the Custom Coded Website Mood board with streaming and visuals...

Love and Romance Din - Din Ra

released 01/23/23

A second album released on Call Waitn by Ramona Petrini's Din Ra "sounds organically ethereal and takes you all sorts of marvelous places" according to instagram's very own @johnvariety This songed endevour brought Ramona to the beach with pomegranites and friends. Amandeep Singh captures photographic splendour from visualsonic emotion mark made in time. Sounds and memories drawn in the sand. Visit yourself and connect with your friends and people you want to love with the Love and Romance Din 2 postcard set. email us at or visit our bandcamp for more info <3

1st edition of 100 two-postcard sets

I Tried to Take Home With Me - Shitlove
+ New Excuses - Shitlove

released 10/06/22

We are so excited to release this new album by Shitlove. Email us at to order a yellow cassette with QR Code to a website for the project with streaming, pix, and downloads <3 Shitlove is the songwriting project of Ani who has built bands Shimmer, Palberta and more. Born in 2020, Shitlove has grown to include two albums "New Excuses" and "I Tried To Take Home With Me" and has performed live in various manifestions/arrangements 'New Excuses' is a recorded culmination of some of the first songs Ani ever wrote and was brought to a studio near the Brooklyn Navy Yards in 2020. Between 2020 and 2021 Ani continued to record and release Shitlove material and went on a New York State Generator Powered Skatepark Music Tour. She and Matt Norman brought a guitar and E-drum kit to 14 skate parks around New York at a time when live music performance and gathering was still not accessible or happening. "New Excuses" is Ani's first attempt at recording and sharing her solo songwriting. This collection has some purity. "I Tried to Take Home With Me" is Ani's most recent album. Its a collection of both newer songs and re-recorded older songs performed with Matt Norman on E-Kit, and Kwami Winfield on bass. This album was recorded in the house Ani lived in with Kwami and Riley who engineered the album. The band was set up in Ani's bedroom with a snake of cables running downstairs into Riley's bedroom (Matt Norman's old bedroom.) Kwami's room was just resonating. All instruments and vocals were recorded at the same time and tracked/mixed onto 1/8" cassette tape. Months after recording, when the album was being finished, the housemates found out they were going to be evicted from their shared home. Since then the album has taken on more significance and remains a testament to the creative energy and spirit Ani was able to share and document with all her roomates. Ani and Matt are currently working on the newest Shitlove release, bound to be an entirely different vibe. The two are hoping to do another skate park tour, this time funded by the state of New York. If you happen to have any leads please reach out to

1st edition of 50 yellow cassettes of "I Tried to Take Home With Me" 1st edition of 50 orange cassettes of "New Excuses"

Metro - Kimdollars1

released 08/30/22

After a year-long hiatus while focusing on her work as a public school educator, NYC-born producer Kimila Lee Miller returns with her new EP, metro, under the kimdollars1 alias. Intended as a retelling of her relationship to New York, metro examines the contradictions present in urban living: freedom/loneliness, fulfillment/exhaustion, obfuscation/revelation. Sometimes the city is so bright that it conceals… dark glass reflects light and itself becomes blinding. The six tracks presented here vary in genre but are threaded by a consistent emotional and physical context that interrogates idealized and nostalgic conceptions of city life. You are invited to follow Kim on her travels. Recorded Summer 2021 in Manhattan and Queens, NY Written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Kimila Lee Miller Mastered by Mostafa Zhagloul at Temple Sound Studios (except track 3 by Kim) Album artwork by Kim Jenkins

1st edition of 50 green and pink cassettes with bonus tracks

Hearts - Soless Dialtone

released 06/19/22
Something for the noisers Something for the songers Could be nothn for nobody Soless Dialtone's 21 track cabinet of jewels, crafted primarily over the past year and change... Let hearts into you heart 1st edition of Cassettes and CDs in embroidered pouch limited to 25 each.

Less Than Three + LTT Memory Massage - Cal Fish

released 06/03/22
Digital Quilt, stream, video album, via site coded by Cal, Click me :3 Less Than Three was a 2 year project enabled by a global pandemic... Reflection and bedroom recording time for Cal luckily led to collaboration and care. flutes tapes guitars drones memories in a rock tumbler with special guests. An album to dance and sleep to. Is it dream pop or just a dream? Less Than Three and LTT Memory Massage released in a first edition of... 50 clear 90 minute tapes 33 Double CDs in Embroidered Pouch 33 Clear VHS Tapes Soft Pages with QR code made to order Purchase physical versions of the album here...

Manifesting - Goddess Complex

released 04/24/22
Manifesting, comprised of 7 songs by Goddess Complex, is a loop based 20 minute adventure through the life of a Cloud lost in time and space. The Music reflects solitude and finding peace in manifesting blooms of intention into space. Cloud uses a Jamman loop pedal, line 6 loop pedal, Yamaha v50 synth, mini Korg voca beats, Washburn electric guitar and vocals to loop dreamy landscapes with guttural beats Goddess Complex is currently based in new orleans and we can't wait to go visit! We are so excited to share this tape with you. Call 917-426-0260 and press 6 to stream! credits released April 24, 2022 license

Wait For It... - Plot Twist

released 02/03/22
Cheers mode, Plot Twist is two grooveboxes operated by Andy Loebs (Electribe 2) and Sam Hafferty (Model:Samples). your sweet ears betwixt these landscape tracks, meant to be... The Philly Duo simply slaps credits released February 3, 2022 Mixed by Andy Loebs Mastered by Tom Miritello Album cover art by Andy Loebs and Sam Hafferty, original photo taken by Robby Kee license

34 Minutes Lite - Soless Dialtone

released 01/02/22
34 minutes lite, 5 chunks, Soless Dialtone assembly accelerated by Omnicron Quarantine in Bed-stuy Brooklyn. Tapes CD CDJ? Is that a pigeon flying out of a fan? no, a door... A flowing eclectic collection that will have you saying... "Am I dancing or shaking?" - Cal Fish "heartfelt and genuine, the rhythms and sounds are flowing Favorite track: not a picture." - Melon Sprout

In Color - Itchykisses

released 11/05/21

Existentialism broadcasted in color This album is a sound collection emulating the light spectrum cast over the romantic edge of living close to dying and dying and living and you wake up again and again into grayscale cinema and what is there to do but let your heart bleed in color. call 917-426-0260 and press 2 to stream!

Simple as a Sunset - Cal Fish

released 10/12/21

Artwork by Anabi Simple as a Sunset is a collection of ambient flutegaze for lovers of dance, sleep, Arthur Russel, Aphex Twin, and the Cocteau Twins. This album is for raving, this album is for sleeping, this album is for you to keep on dreaming. Simple as a Sunset is an album finally captured from May-July 2021 during rehearsals for a performance at the Shed with Kyle Marshal Choreography and outdoor raves in Brooklyn. Improvising with a flute, Yamaha PSS-470 keyboard, Korg ER-1 drum machine and an expansive pedalboard Cal recorded live takes onto a Fostex DMT-8 and then added a few extra layers of vocals and bass, a sample from Frankie Knuckles, conversation from Trans Day or Visibility 2018, and a recording of Girl from Ipanema played in the cavernous 2nd ave Subway station. The eight songs and their nightcore bonus versions offer an ambient dance shoegaze that can be the center of a party or the background music for your sewing project. Each track is a sketch the mind and body are invited to draw on top of and fill in. The album will be released in full via Call Waitn October 12th, 2021 on all streaming platforms, an edition of bags sewn by Cal, cassette, and html site. call 917-426-0260 and press 8 to stream!

Summer Fun - Cal Fish

released 9/15/21

The first single from the album Simple as a Sunset out on October 12th. Summer Fun with a video shot by Otto Ohle and Cal that follows Cal rollerblading down a vegetable planted hill repeatedly, to a diy skatepark in the skeleton of a demolished office building, to a straight up dump full of treasure and decay. The seemingly endless song is marked by shifting moods and phases. Cal introduces us with the refrain "Summer fun is what I want, we're watching stories to try and figure out what's going on..." and we end up hearing Arthur Russel's introductory lyrics from "Calling out of Context" about 11 minutes later as we fly down route 9w with the windows down. call 917-426-0260 and press 8 to stream!

GUEST SINGLE// Energy - Jimi Lucid

released 9/12/21 call 917-426-0260 and press z0ro to stream "Energy" ahead of its official release.

Instagram @jimilucid

Din Cinema - Din Ra

released 8/28/21 Album on tape, streaming, and for download. 31 minutes

Din Ra is a princess from a secret cinematic universe. She is the extroverted twin of Ramona, a vocalist and composer from New York City. The album Din Cinema is a collection of cinematic interiors for listeners to step inside of; if Din Cinema is the house, its songs are its rooms built from sampled improvisations, tactile synth textures, and sweeping vocals. Simple lyrical stories swirl through dense soundscapes delivered not so simply. For the album Ramona has built "furniture,"" little pieces of the Din Cinema dream world in acrylic paint and PVC, paper, and ink. Ramona and Princess Din have assembled an album that whisks you in and then completely swallows you and it feels great.""

Order the album on cassette by emailing or texting 516-491-9983
or, order the cassette via bandcamp
Cassettes are bright pink or deep translucent blue and were dubbed and printed
at the Living Gallery in an edition of 50.

In 500 ft Continue Straight - Bulk Bin

released 8/14/21 EP streaming and for download. Bulk Bin is a product of driving 2,773 miles and then 638 more. How many times would you have to play this 5 song glimmering collection on repeat to make it all the way across the country? Boothe Carlson is a specific music and video artist from Berkeley CA.

alone with you - Din Ra

released 8/9/21 Single streaming and for download call 917-426-0260 and press 3 Our first peak into Din Cinema has us hearing Princes Din grasping for moments of total union. “She just wants to be alone with you and that’s something I can understand” sung on top of synth noise, borrowed flamenco percussion, and sunset sounding guitars. Who among us hasn’t grasped for perfect union?! We’ve all been there..

Window Window - Bulk Bin

released 7/16/21 Video and Single streaming and for download. call 91-426-0260 and press 7 Rubbing vitamin E oil into my forehead and cheeks She moves out while I'm away leaves me a plant as a gift Her room floods with the Sacramento River Craigslist post 7354931371 I forget to water the plant

SP memoring - Kwami

Video and Single streaming and for download. call 91-426-0260 and press 5 You've entered a room with computers and trumpets and they are all talking to and about each other. You're reminded “to pay rent at the end of each month, not forgetting the work done along the way. And that memory has to be super portable.” Are Kwamis even real 2021? We welcome the first single SP memoring from Kwami’s imminent album.

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